Administrative and Public Procurement Division

LEXVALOR Abogados offers specialized services assuring our clients the advisory and counsel support they need to assert their rights with the government and its agencies. This includes procurement of administrative permits, execution of public contracts, and resolution of disputes in administrative, constitutional, and arbitration proceedings against administrative acts resulting from the decisions and powers of public entities.

We have extensive experience in the field of public procurement and offer specialized legal advisory services to support contractors and concessionaires throughout the contracting process and the performance of contracts with the public sector. The scope of our representation and counsel services includes disputes and litigation in connection with concessions, public-private partnerships, and other associative arrangements between private and public entities of all kinds.

Especially important is our counsel support to clients in administrative, judicial or arbitration proceedings to present the respective claims and appeals, as well as our legal counsel at judicial and arbitration processes, including claims for damages, when applicable.



Daniel López Suárez


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