Conflict Resolution

We provide legal advice and counsel support in defense of our clients’ interests in all types of administrative, judicial, and arbitration proceedings involving the following areas of law: Administrative, Civil, Commercial, Competition, Constitutional, Family, Intellectual Property, Labor, and Tax. Our procedural practice entails preventive advice aimed at avoiding court disputes and, when matters do go to court, at guaranteeing a sound procedural position for our clients.

We work with our clients to define the most appropriate strategy for resolving disputes; endeavoring to minimize any impact on their normal business operations.

Our procedural practice focuses on the following areas:


Lawsuits and trials

  • Advice and representation regarding prevention of potential litigation
  • Advisory and counsel support in civil, commercial, labor, and family court processes
  • Advisory and counsel support in administrative disputes and matters of administrative law, concessions, public procurement, intellectual property, competition, and tax matters
  • Legal counsel in appeals for constitutional protection, extraordinary protection remedies, precautionary measures, and other constitutional actions
  • Challenges to administrative acts before the Court of Administrative Disputes and the Court of Tax Disputes
  • Audit of lawsuits as part of due diligence processes

Administrative procedures

  • Tax-related administrative processes before the Internal Revenue Service and cantonal municipalities
  • Administrative processes before all manner of state institutions
  • Challenges to administrative acts before public entities
  • Public procurement claims and special appeals

Arbitration and mediation

  • Advisory and counsel support in domestic arbitration proceedings
  • Representation and advisory support in mediation processes



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