Immigration Services Division

Aware of the importance and sensitivity of hiring foreign personnel, LEXVALOR Abogados has created an advisory service specializing in immigration law to serve our corporate clients.

The Immigration Services Division provides comprehensive immigration legal advice to domestic and foreign companies.

We are specialists in all aspects of hiring and of the legalization of foreign employees by domestic and foreign companies.

We endeavor to minimize our clients’ legal contingencies when hiring foreign personnel.

Additionally, we advise foreign nationals on legal residence and starting business operations in Ecuador, providing them with the full gamut of immigration options.

Our immigration services include:

  • Corporate legal advice on hiring foreigners
  • Drafting of headquarters–subsidiary training agreements and related advisory support
  • Procuring temporary residence, work, professional, investor, UNASUR, and MERCOSUR visas
  • Procuring permanent residence, dependency, and agreement visas
  • Visa transfers
  • Procuring registration certificates and Ecuadorian identity cards
  • Procuring Ecuadorian citizenship status
  • Registration and legalization of marriages abroad
  • Advice on migration administrative procedures, migratory movements, leaving the country, lifting of exclusion status, and deportation



Carlos Carrión Grijalva


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