Hector Barahona Perfil

Héctor Barahona Moncayo

[email protected]

Languages: Spanish and English.

Héctor Barahona Moncayo, is a founding and Managing Partner at Lexvalor Abogados.

His legal practice is focused on corporate law; having broad experience in partnerships,  commercial, financial issues, mergers, and acquisitions. He has ample experience in corporate transactions at the national and international levels.

He has successfully performed in the field of fiduciary law and in the stock market; at present he is one of the most experienced lawyers in this field in Ecuador. Within this context, he has successfully exerted leadership on litigation strategies from both arbitration and judicial options. He is, at present, counselor to some of the most salient businesses in the country.

Before establishing the Lexvalor Abogados law firm, he belonged to the Association of Fund and Trust Fund Administrators of Ecuador, Fiduciary Business Manager for Filanfondos S.A., and General Manager for Fideval S.A. Administradora de Fondos y Fideicomisos.

At present, he is the CEO of Lextax Servicios Tributarios Integrales S.A., CEO for Fundación Corazones Valientes, and CEO for Delfos Catalizadora de Negocios S.A. (DELFOSTEC).


Academic Experience:
  • MBA in Business Administration - Universidad San Francisco de Quito.
  • University of Idaho Scholar under agreement with Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador.
  • Diploma on Business Appraisal - INCAE - Costa Rica.
  • Participant at the Latin American Congress on Banking Law - Chile.
  • Participant at the Latin American Trust Fund Conventions in Lima-Perú; Cartagena - Colombia; and in Quito-Ecuador.
  • Participant in Courses and Negotiation and Conflict Resolution by INCAE in Ecuador
  • Attorney at law with a doctorate in Jurisprudence by Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador, 2002
  • Current Managing Director and Partner for Lexvalor Abogados.
  • Board Member for the Administration of Fund and Trust Fund Association of Ecuador.
  • Legal Area Counselor for Grupo Financiero Aserval.
  • Fiduciary Business Manager, Filanfondos S.A. Administradora de Fondos y Fideicomisos.
  • General Manager, Fideval S.A. Administradora de Fondos y Fideicomisos.
  • Member of the International Bar Association
  • Corporate Law
  • Fiduciary and Stock Market Law
  • Conflict Resolution