Tamia Guamán

[email protected]

Languages: Spanish and English.

Tamia Guamán is a professional having vast experience in the stock market, real estate, partnership, and corporate areas.

As a practitioner of law, I apply the theoretical and practical know-ledge acquired during my studies and work experience.

Competent as part of a work team, I perform well under pressure. I adapt easily to changes and makeovers.

Academic Experience:
  • Attorney at Law (Barrister)before the Courts and Tribunals of the Republic of Ecuador By Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja. 2019
  • Certification as Legal Transformational Coach. On-line Program on Legal Transformational Coaching by Dr. Rossana Bril. 2021
  • Lexvalor Asesoría Legal S.A. Legal Assistant. 2012
  • Council of the Judicature, Assistant to the Judicial Unit of Contentious Administrative Affairs. 2018
  • Lexvalor Asesoría Legal s.a., Attorney at law. 2019
Areas of Expertise:
  • Corporate Law
  • Labor Law
  • Competence